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Basement waterproof Basement waterproofing

Fahnestock Excavating Inc. utilizes a unique waterproofing method for basements done entirely from the exterior that keeps water from ever entering your home in the first place. This method keeps your basement dry and mold free while also protecting your walls from pushing in over time. Let us put our waterproofing experience to work for you!

How the waterproofing process works

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The Fahnestock Excavating Inc. team waterproofs by digging along the basement wall to the footer depth, installing a 60 ML thick membrane on the wall to waterproof it. Over the membrane, a 1-inch thick insulation board will be installed with vertical channels in it.


The insulation board protects the waterproofing membrane and gives the water a way to drain down while providing insulation for your basement. Our team will then install a footer drain leading to either the surface or a sump pump pit. If a sump pump pit is needed, we’ll install one outside your house.

Family owned and locally operated, Fahnestock Excavating Inc. is your premier resource for professional, high-quality basement waterproofing services.


Keeping necessary materials and specialized equipment in stock, our team will help you get started today. For your peace of mind, all work is guaranteed.

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